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MUT Draft Season Rewards Clarification

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

In regards to the sudden change in Ranked Seasons yesterday, 1/7, we wanted to clear up some confusion and issues on our end. The “Off-Season” rolled over as intended to the “Pre-Season 2”, though the naming and messaging attached to this automatic process was misaligned with our intentions, which have now been made clear in-game. In line with our history of Ranked Seasons between Draft and Salary Cap, an Off-Season does not come with season rewards, rather, it strictly sticks to the standard win-count rewards within each game mode. This will not be the case for Pre-Season 2.

With the introduction of Pre-Season 2, we want to enforce that a Season 2 for Competitive Gaming is coming soon, with the exact date to be announced at a later date (with enough notice this time). Pre-Season 2 and Season 2 will include post-season rewards as usual.

In summation, the end of the Off-Season will not deliver rewards, which is intended, but the end of Pre-Season 2 and the forthcoming Season 2 will. The dates to expect those rollovers will be communicated at a later date.

- The Madden Team
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  • This is bull I grinded to the top 100 to get these rewards and into the the elite tier and now we get absolutely nothing that is false advertisement of its highest order
  • I agree .. this is **** at its best..

    This grind was months and months worth .. I grinned to a 60-30 record with 6 championships.. we want our rightful rewards!!!
  • This is ridiculous first you have it so that people can disconnect and still get the win do nothing about that and now when people grind for 100 wins and 6 championships you are saying those won’t receive any rewards... FALSE ADVERTISING
  • Grinder all the way to elite tier season 3 ended didn’t get the rewards i grinder hard for
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