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A manual. Where are you?

In the companion app it has a link for a “Manual” but the companion app has always led to an empty link.

This has led me to believe there is no manual. I’ve searched hi and low, nothing!

Does a manual exist? If @blueberry Or any other admin can educate me, please do.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4165 posts EA Community Manager
    The manual section may have been a placeholder if a guide was placed in there at some point. Do you have any questions about the companion app itself you are looking for answers?
  • I was looking for straight forward answers to what attributes do. How they affect player movement. Or how are attributes implemented into the game? I'm not looking to learn the game of football. I want to know how important **Strength** is to a player. Should I look for more players that are "clutch"? To cover everything, I'm aware of how gigantic it would be.

    I understand that the "manual" may have been a placeholder to the companion app. It really serves no purpose and EA should work on not having those place holders. They do mean something to the new demographic EA is appealing to.

    I've helped quite a few new players over on Muthead who are new to the game or just new to mut. Explaining just how deep and nuanced the game is.

    There is a lot of information around the internet and a lot of times the information contradicts - it begins a slippery slope where all the information eventually cancels itself out.

    Is there an explanation as to why there is no manual?

    Thank you. I appreciate all that you do.

  • I think a manual would really be a good thing. maybe in the form of a Madden Wiki? there is a lot of information hidden in the game and it is difficult to get notice of all (relevant, new or both) information. I'd really like it if the information was collected and updated in a single website. The gridiron notes are an important source of information, but they only provide the newest updates (i.e. they are somehow like a flow of information, not a stock).

    just to list some ideas what a Madden Wiki might contain:
    • explanation of different game modes
    • escription of attributes, abilities, x-factors, archetypes, etc. ... the basics of the game
    • playbooks (e.g. strengths and weaknesses)
    • basic description of strategies (both offense and defense)
    • a calendar of events and releases (both documenting previous events/releases and announcing upcoming events). it would be great to know what will when happen, for instance what new promos are planned to be released. I know it is a bit difficult to predict whether all work can be done on time and a calendar might cause expectations among players. but frankly, at the moment it is so easy to miss information, for instance if one was not able to watch Good Morning Madden...
    • ...

    I'd guess there are Madden players who would contribute to implement and update a Madden Wiki. it would be great, if EA could provide the environment (i.e. the website/Wiki platform) to be filled.
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