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PI/ illegal contact

I been saying this for years, why is t PI in the game EA. I’m not talking bout that here and there calling of PI. If I take my user and run in front of the WR slowing him up from running his route what is that? Like I can actually interfere with the route and no PI will be call. If it’s done on purpose it should be PI. Idc if we is playing online H2H. Half of these user’s wouldn’t even be able to last that long if and when y’all fix this game. I understand stuff gon happen but come on now. It bad enough man def plays like glue, at least we can get is a PI when it supposed to be called.


  • EA_Blueberry
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    There is PI in the game if it's initiated a certain way, but rare to do. Some players will "bump" into the receivers to throw off their route. That is an area of the game the team would have to explore making changes to if they felt it was making a large enough impact on game balance or deemed an exploit. If a developer implemented those bumps as PI, it's possible they could lead to a lot of accidental calls where the user didn't actually mean to force PI on the player but just accidentally rubbed into them while they were trying to get into coverage. With next-gen consoles it's possible they'll be able to find that perfect balance between intentional and unintentional bumps.
  • @EA_Blueberry
    I’m talking about down field, not at the line of scrimmage. I mean like while they are trying to run their route, all you have to do is get in front of them and slight move ya player, it will cause the WR to stop completely. And yes this is an exploit, just like when the offense flips their play or motions a Wr from one side to another, it will mess the defense up. You don’t even have to touch anything or make any adjustments, all the have to do is motion a player from one side to another and back to the side they started on and the wr will be wide open. Big exploit that been in the game since day one.
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