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The Yard next gen matchmaking

I cannot find a game in 3v3 yard in next gen matchmaking for xbox series x. Is anyone else having this problem?


  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @PapaJoeB

    Let me know if this helps you out. A fresh connection and power cycle can help fix issues where matchmaking takes longer than usual.

    Reboot the power to the modem/router
    1. Unplug the power cable from your modem/router for 5-10 minutes to refresh the network.

    How to power cycle your Xbox console:
    1. Turn off the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until it shuts down completely.
    2. Unplug the console’s power cable. Wait 10 seconds. Important Be sure to wait 10 seconds. This step resets the power supply.
    3. Plug the console power cable back in.
    4. Press the Xbox button on your console to turn on the Xbox One.

  • I have a ps5 and i've done everything and it still doesn't work.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager

    Do you have uPnP enabled in your router's admin settings?
  • @EA_Blueberry
  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager
    It's recommended to enable that.

    Have you tried all the steps in this connection troubleshooting article below? It helps fix most basic connection related issues players face with our games.

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