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Something I'd like as a commisioner is to be able.to relocate franchises w/out having a user, or worrying about their stadium rating having to be 20 or under. Not to mention, help w/ bringing franchises back to they original city/team, so if a user leaves or gets kicked from the league, the next player to join isn't stuck w/ a franchise in a place they may not want, plus it'll help keep commisioners figured out who the team actually is being able to move it back.

But we also need the full relocation back to choose city, any team name, team logo, colors, jersey options, as well as having 2 to 3 sets of jerseys for original team uniforms, color rush, and throwback/any other style we may wanna have. Especially mixing and matching color combos similar to creating jerseys in base game.

Speaking of creating jerseys, being able to actually create new uniform looks for existing franchises instead of mixing and matching and saying u r creating a whole new uniform, allow us to be able to do that, especially w/ how many uniforms have been changed or tweaked since Nike took over.



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