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Is this: a glitch, me doing something wrong, or evidence of a broken game?

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This is regarding players with Superstar and Superstar X-factors on my team in franchise mode.

I'm new to all this X-factor nonsense as I didn't play Madden 20, but what I'm witnessing in this game is puzzling to say the very least. Nothing really seems to be showing up on the field regarding abilities.

As you'll see in photo 1- Logan Ryan is a Superstar. Photo 2 during game play, he shows nothing? Shouldn't there be a "star" logo or a box with what his ability is?

Photo 3, a player who I drafted, turned out to be a Superstar X-factor, yet in photo 4 during the in-game screen, he shows as a just a superstar. Furthermore, in the game, he has nothing under his name.

My one offensive player, Barkley, just shows a little black box with a train in it. But there's no "X" is that normal?

This all seems to be abnormal. I even adjusted the number of Superstar X factors and Superstars in the league to a higher number, thinking "hmmm, maybe these guys exceeded the number allowed in my franchise?" Still nothing.

So, is this a glitch? Am I doing something wrong? Or is the game broken? Input from someone from EA would be helpful here.



  • I strongly assume this is a bug. it happens to me too in some MUT Solo Challenges. I've reported this here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/x-factors-and-abilities-disappear-in-some-MUT-Solo-Challenges/m-p/9745346#M5257

    my guess is that there is something broken in the pre-game loading process. I've also faced issues with missing options in the play calling menu, camera settings vary between games, etc. etc. (if you are interested, see here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Play-selection-menu-does-not-show-all-options/m-p/9923743#M7642)
  • Thanks for your input! I'm in year two of a franchise, and this happened throughout all the first season as well. I did read somewhere, someone mentioned to put everyone to a normal development trait, and let the game save. Then go back and manually put them back to their 'whatever' development trait and it should fix it. So, I'm going to try that and see what happens. But it would be nice if someone from EA rang in and commented on it, lol.
  • @EA_Blueberry could you please say a few words about it! thanks!
  • Well, I reset those individuals back to normal development. Saved the game. Put them back to their respective development levels, and still nothing.
  • I guess @EA_Blueberry nor anyone else from EA wants to give any feedback because I called X-factors "nonsense" and asked if this is evidence of a broken game? 🙃
  • I guess @EA_Blueberry nor anyone else from EA wants to give any feedback because I called X-factors "nonsense" and asked if this is evidence of a broken game? 🙃

    well, whether he (or anybody) 'wants' to give feedback, ... but I'm sure if anybody finds his/her time there will be an answer. but as far as I know, the community managers are not only engaged in working on the Madden forums, but also for other EA games. I'd guess they are quite busy. well, the dev team seems not to be really 'helpful' in minimising their tasks since there are a lot of issues, bugs, glitches etc. that foster a lot of complaints...

    but regarding the 'broken game': I'd strongly recommend to avoid using the 'instant replay' option! just always focus your gaze on the ball only and you will not notice all the problems of the game all around... ;)
  • It's just a little funny when I see some EA people, mainly @EA_Blueberry answering other posts throughout the day, but (conveniently?) not answering this one. Perhaps I need to start cussing and using colorful 4 letter words. They're usually super quick to jump on those people who do that, lol 🙃

    Oh, being a Madden gamer since Playstation 1's Madden 97, I've been through the ups and downs (all downs post PS2 days), and I definitely avoid the 'instant replay' option for sure these days!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager

    Looks like a bug. The X-Factor should definitely show up when it's activated. Does this only happen for that one league you're in?

    Our official bug reporting forum can be found here. If you're able to paste these details in there we can at least start tracking it publicly for others to contribute towards it. The more examples we receive the better we can understand what is triggering it to happen. I saw your post yesterday but wasn't 100% sure what exactly was happening to it and meant to hop on last night to experiment with Franchise.

  • @EA_Blueberry Yes, it only happens in the one league. It is a solo, offline league that I just play on my own. I'm in season 2 and Logan Ryan never showed anything for star development the entire first season and throughout season two so far. The drafted rookie despite being revealed as an "X-factor" shows nothing on the field, and is still listed as "superstar" on the in-game menu. Barkley never showed his "X" throughout the first season and in the second season he has his little black box with the freight train in it, but still no "X." I'll put it in the bug report with as many details as possible.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4139 posts EA Community Manager
    Thanks, @pearl_drummer111

    Feels like it could be a rare bug as I haven't seen others raise it up yet, sorry you were impacted by it and appreciate you taking time out to submit a report. It's possible others are experiencing this yet but a bug report wasn't created yet so they decided not to submit anything. Having visibility on a bug report in those forums are invaluable for the team and community to understand what everyone is discussing.

    Good luck in your franchise nonetheless though!
  • No problem, @EA_Blueberry

    Yeah, something seemed like it was a big funky. It hasn't totally negatively impact the game, but I was wondering if it was something I was doing wrong, as I never played last year's game. I wasn't sure if I had to do anything extra to activate the traits and abilities.. Oh well. I'm not a big fan of the superstar x-factors anyways. Honestly, I wish I could turn them off completely as I feel they ruin the game.
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