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Linebacker play, no outsider, zones

I feel like I am here every week and nothing get changed. I have attached a small 1 1/5min clip of my last gameplay. I understand that linebackers suppose to drop interceptions I get that. BUT CAN YALL PLEASE FIX THE LINEBACKERS REACTION TIME !!!! I have 99 overall linebackers with 90+ zone they won’t fully commit to the ball at all. and they don’t react to the ball at all. I filled my team with no outsiders and inside stuff so it will be hard to run the ball but they ablities are not triggering. Either the “no outsider” is going 20 yards in the wrong direction, falling down or the ablities is not triggering at all. Can someone explain how my outside third in a cover 3 in a 3-4 bear formation goes to the inside 10 yards and bail on his coverage. when he is responsible for the outside deep. My linebackers have also stonewall and still getting ran over for additional 10 yards. Can y’all please fix this I am here every week complaining about the same thing. It looks like if I have one or more of the same ablitiy then the ablitiy does not work for both. And stonewall is just not working at all. As you see in the video I am putting my linebackers in purple coverage but they are not dropping to the sidelines. They are staying somewhat in the middle/sideline of the field. And the purple for the linebackers don’t work when a QB is scrambling outside the pocket. Please don’t say it’s my linebackers overall or awareness because I also attached a clip o they attributes.


  • The second video is just a view of my team. And the first is just gameplay of the ablities not triggering at all I literally have 8 in the box with all either “inside stuff” or “no outsider” and NONE IS BEING TRIGGERED
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