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Trade Glitch

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Anyone else having issues where trades r accepted, but they won't finalize and go through? Tried the same trade 3 times in a row, the guy accepted twice, I accepted once, still have the P on my team, and not the pick for the player.

This game is becoming very frustrating.

And just as I typed this out, another user/user trade in my league got accepted and didn't finalize. Like what is going on???!!!


  • RyanW_3529
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    So running tests, any trade Madden deems "unfit" between users, automatically gets declined. Just for the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 of it, I threw a 7th Rd to a user for Rodgers, it got autodeclined, yet when I gave him a 1, 2, and Gilmore for Adams, it was easily accepted. Like how??? 🤬🤬🤬 Who thinks of these mechanics and who in the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 in EA deems 🤬🤬🤬 a valid trade is?!?!?!

  • Yep i was a huge fan of franchise mode and i def miss it, the only reason i play MUT is because franchise mode is horrible.....i just really hope EA fixes it soon
  • EA_Blueberry
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    The team is committed to more changes in Franchise in 21 and 22.


    They recently made some updates to trade logic for QBs, but if there are still cases like what you're describing above we have some more work to do. What you're describing above where the player is stuck on your team after a trade is processed doesn't sound like logic but more of a bug that needs to be investigated. Can you post it in our bug reporting forums here?

    It does make sense the offer will be auto declined for a 7th round for Rodgers, that's not fair at all. ;)

    I'm assuming you're talking about Devante Adams since you mentioned another Packers player. Was the trade able to be accepted Gilmore for Adams straight up or did you overpay with 2 extra rounds that weren't necessary to process the trade?

    If the player offered Adams for Gilmore + 1 and 2 round draft picks will it accept it?
  • @bbrewer23goblue Yeah, that's my issue, I can't stand MUT and the only feature I truly care for is franchise. I already do enough to combat the incompetence of Madden's logic, but this is just beyond real.

    @EA_Blueberry We did an extensive check to figure it all out. For instance, if 1 of the 2 users plays their game for the week, the trade can be accepted but the trade says resolved for the "acceptor", but still say pending for the "sender". Going into the rosters page, the players stay on original rosters. Ik they made updates to trades, but they r still so illogical, and they should pertain more toward User/AI trades over User/User trades.

    And yes, the trade to straight be declined for the Rodgers deal does make sense, but again, it was just a test we were running between 2 users, so either way, the trade should've been accepted. Not that even in my league would that happen. I have setup a 2 step verification between myself, and my Cabinet where the users place any trade they want to make, and we deem whether or not it is fair for them to offer, so we have that base covered, but not come into the issue of where we feel it is fit, but then Madden straight up ruins the trade by what they deem fit. My team and I have yet to have an issue of a trade being acceptable by our standards, so I think we've done a great job thus far.

    But to further put weight to the discussion, I went to trade block, 1st QB, who happened to be Tyrod Taylor, the guy has a 69 overall, the game made me give up a 3rd Rd pick before it was even accepted, when I'd give no higher than a 5 for him, he isn't good enough for a 3. But when I traded him to the user, the game allowed me to give him up for a 5th Rd pick that I originally tried. Not to mention, if someone is on the trade block, the teams putting them up, normally take lesser offers b/c they r trying to get anything from them.

    Yes, I am talking about Devante. And no, the trade wouldn't go through straight up, likely b/c of Adams being younger, b/c they have great interest in Gilmore. The trade also worked both ways me giving Gilmore and the picks up, as well as me putting Adams up after I got him for the same deal.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thanks, @RyanW_3529

    I'll share this with the team. Just a heads up though, the team is looking to make more improvements heading forward. They mentioned this in the last Franchise update:

    Trade Logic Improvements
    We are focused on delivering improvements to player and draft pick evaluations to create more rewarding and authentic trades for Madden 21 that we will continue to build and improve upon in the future.

    DEV NOTE: To move forward on improved trade logic, it was important to acknowledge there wasn’t a magic quick fix. As a team, we’ve reevaluated everything about our previous trade logic with the goal of improving realism and fun of interacting with the trade system using a few key goals:
    Establishing new baseline scales around player and draft pick values by reconsidering every factor and modifier that is currently used in trades, resolving top community exploits around AI trades (like elite offensive linemen for late round picks), and looking for opportunities to improve or add new AI considerations when evaluating offers from teams. We’re excited to discuss more about how we are bringing all of those things to Madden 21 in the next Deep Dive!
  • @EA_Blueberry I understand they r still working, but that's not the issue at hand. Like trades were basically fine from any other player standpoint, except wanting too much to get QBs, which rightfully so considering QBs r the NFL. Oline and kicking being issues as well b/c EA seems to make them feel worthless, let's be honest, they don't even have X-factors like every other position. Same w/ the FBs getting no love.

    The team has a super long way to go, and my team had gotten a great system in place to make trades fair, and as long as I've watched football, and studied the game, I pretty much know who's worth what in the league. Very very few guys should be worth like 3 1st Rd picks to where even that isn't accepted.
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