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Fullback in i-formation

Why isn’t my fb going out on routes when i do play action from the i formation ?


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Can you screenshot the play you're using where they're not going out on a PA? They're only going to go out if it shows a route for them. If it's a delayed route they could be picking up a block necessary to give the play more time to develop.
  • I know they will only go out if it’s a route for them, it’s not a delayed route it was working fine until the last update 4ofkj0a25ki2.jpeg PA x dagger
  • I just tried this play in a MUT Rivalz Solo. it worked the first time, when the FB did not collide with a defender. in the second trial, he collided with a defense player and started a blocking animation. after some more trials, the FB always ran his route when he did not collide with a defensive player.

    I've seen a similar issue where a WR stopped his route 15 yards down the field because of a collision with a LB. after standing up again, he started a blocking animation (i.e. searching for someone to block while standing 'still' but without anybody to block). I assume, it was the same pattern as here.

    does this happen every time when you select the play, @doody5047? I'd guess that it might happen against specific defensive formations (and plays) only.
  • @Neo_Novalis I think against certain formation, the fb just stands there blocking nothing. Thanks for trying it i thought i was tripping..
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