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Punch Strike Variations

Hey all, after some dialogue with EABlue in a post labeled ..cosmetics..he suggested posting a topic on what I am specifically looking to have put in the game.

I am looking for multiple types of punch animations. Currently there is one, and only one, type of hook in the game. Yes is looks a bit different based on angles and distance, but every single fighter had the exact same hook. I would really like to see more types of hooks that we can choose from. One example is Wanderlei’s style, which only he has. Another would be a shovel hook and another a longer hook like Ngannu has. I would also like to see different fist impact positions. UFC 2 did this well with some palm down and some thumb up impact positions. I would like some different uppercuts and overhands as well. The kicks have so many different varieties. I’m asking for more varied punches.

I have mentioned all of this before. If anyone agrees with any of this please say so and respond to this because that’s what the dev team bases some of their decisions on.

If you really don’t get what I’m saying because it is technical, play UFC 2 if possible. There are multiple Punch options for the cross, hook and uppercut to choose from. Including, Heavy, heavy overhand, wild overhand, ducking hook, stiff jab, and more.

Please voice if you’re with me on this.
If not, and no one cares because all anyone cares about are cosmetics and online profile and social media, then I’ll take my medicine and play UFC 2 shut up.
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