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[FIXED] Unable to Play Madden NFL 21 on Xbox One Series X/S - 1/28/21

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Hi, Madden NFL Community,

We're aware that some players are having issues accessing Madden NFL 21 on Xbox Series X/S. We are currently investigating and will keep you up to date with info here on the forums and Twitter at EA Help.

If you are receiving the error "Thank you for trying out Madden NFL 21. Your trial has expired. Please purchase the game to continue playing." this is the current workaround fix:

Install the Gen4 version of the game under My Games & Apps. The Xbox One Series X/S allows you to install both the Gen5 and Gen4 versions of the game.
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  • I also cant play on PS5. I heard about the free weekend so I decided to download, then I learned apparently the free weekend is onyl for the ps4 version, fine since I still have my 10 hour free trial from EA access or whatever you guys call it now. But nope, the game wont load and is stuck on "flipping the coin" on the beginning load screen. Ive burned 30 minutes of the free trial sitting here. Ive restarted my console twice. Never ceases to amaze me how EA can let down gamers routinely.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    *Fixed on 1/29/21*

    The issue preventing Madden NFL 21 players from launching the game on XBOX Series X (and S) is now resolved. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this.

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