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14 day Suspension of my Account, for Coin Distribution

Before TOTY was released I was buying up power-up cards, just happend that had several cards needed to max out some of the TOTY cards and Naturally I put them for sale on the market and made alot of coin back despite the high EA tax.. and because I dumped cards into the auction and made coins my account was suspended for 14 days.. due to coin distribution has anyone else have this happen to them..


  • Naturally EA just rather you email them and response time is 14 days..
  • unfortunately I've read a lot of reports from players getting banned (unjustified). If you want to shorten the time of the ban you will have to contact EA Help (via help.ea.com or using twitter: https://twitter.com/EAHelp). unfortunately I have to say, that the players who reported that their ban was lifted are rare.

    I hope this ban will not last long and you will be happy to play this game again. good luck!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager

    Sorry to hear what happened to you. Want to make sure you're on the right path to getting an answer on this, you contacted our Terms of Service team?


    Rules for Madden NFL 21 can be seen here.
  • @EA_Blueberry i have already went and filed a claim and it's a total joke, EA unjustifiedly made a move to suspend my account simply because I made coins and according to EA I cheated.. its a total bunch of ****. It's not our fault on who buys our cards on the Auction block. So I guess moving forward untill the new 2K Football game drops im gonna send EA an email every time I put a card on the auction block, but after 2k drops their football game im trashing the madden game forever. **** EA for treating people like criminals when we have done no wrong, EA has a broken system and we get punished for it.
  • Here I am on day 16 of a 14 day ban, ea seems to be no help getting my account back activated. But I guess I'm just gonna get banned again because I plan on selling off a few cards to upgrade my team again. **** EA
  • Buddah575
    7 posts New member
    Same reason I was suspended, I sold off some old cards and made a lot of coins and upgraded my mut team, then I was blocked. Honestly I have never bought coins or done anything against the rules. But if that how EA takes care of their loyal players. I threw my game in the garbage where it belongs... how is EA gonna blame me for coin distribution, when all I did was play the game and upgraded it with the coins I made from my auctions and the grind on getting stars and coins and they take it all away. So once the ban was lifted I sold all my players for 100 coins each and then threw my game away. I will no longer buy any EA games.
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