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New Title Update Observations

Here are my observations in Franchise so far with the latest Title Update.

The Setup - Franchise (solo play)
Difficulty Level: Pro
Playstyle: Coach Mode
Sliders: Default
Playing as: Franchise QB

The run game is insane. I'm averaging 380 yards per game. I almost don't need a QB. Call running plays on 1st and 2nd downs. Snap the ball and let the running back do the rest.

The passing game has taken the opposite hit. Most of the time I'm either sacked or throw an incompletion. I'm getting sacked, on average, 12 times per game. My completion percentage has dropped to 23%. Even with an offensive line in the 90's rating and three wide receivers in their 90's.

For the first time I'm actually tempted to adjust the sliders in the settings to bring back balance.
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