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Franchise Mode Rebuild

So we all know that the franchise mode is stale and needs to be blown up and rebuild. And I understand that EA is supposedly investing resources towards franchise for Madden 22. We will see. This is my recommendation:

Madden's scouting works like this:
GM goes to the scout and says "tell me about Jim Smith: Scout comes back and says "Jim's Smith best attribute is is run blocking." GM says, ok, tell me more. Scout comes back "Ok, his next best thing is awareness." Once again, GM says tell him more and once again scout says 'this third best rating is run block footwork... based on that, I say he's a mid 2nd round."

No one. Absolutely no one evaluates players like that... except maybe the Jets.

So my solution is this: scrap that entire system. Instead, you see all of the ratings of all of the players. For the most part, the NFL evaluates all of the same players. The difference is that some teams get a different result of the evaluation. So in my scouting system, you see the ratings of every player, but there is a +/- range. The better your personnel staff is, the smaller the range will be. For instance Jim Smith might be a 78. For a team with a strong staff, his +/- might be 3 meaning that he could be an 81 or a 75. However, if your personnel staff stinks, his +/- could be 15, meaning he is between a 93 and 65.

To determine a "good personnel" staff, there are factors. If you have money, then you can invest in a personnel staff where as if your the Bengals, you won't be able to. To take this a step further, your staff might be stronger with offensive players, stronger in the late rounds, stronger with QBs.... whatever it might be. This makes the gamer choose carefully where to invest his funds. There can be multiple factors that determines how a team earns and loses money at the end of the season.

This leads to coaching.
We have been screaming for a coaching carousel and assistants. Personally, I don't want it just to be cute and to have it in there. It has to mean something. So now I want to see coaches that actually matter. So as a team, you can invest in coaching.... your offensive coordinator might be great at developing players... some positions are better than others. I know this has somewhat been done in the past, but it was a pitiful attempt. Your RB coach may have been a +2 for BCV or something. I want to see something tangible and something that you actually feel when you are playing the game.

This leads to ratings
This won't work if ratings do not have a stronger impact in the game. Just for fun, I put my punter in as QB and he could still complete 70% of passes. I will admit, those are the 'easy' passes... not very good on deeper throws but still... a punter is not going to come into the game and hit slants and crossing patterns with pinpoint accuracy.

I can write a dissertation on this but I will stop here. But the truth of the matter is that in Madden 22, I want to see a complete absolute overhaul of franchise mode.
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