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When will this game ever change???

Just played my last game of Madden I think, after one of the worst plays I've seen. Jalen Reagor WR on the Eagles with 97 speed in my private online franchise league on a streak and he was covered by Ronald Darby CB on WFT he has 92 speed. Reagor has a free release and immediately gets behind Darby so I throw it. I make the right read, to the right matchup, to an open WR, and the right time. I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. Please, any developer explain to me what in your game's code allows a 92 speed DB to catch up to and run past a 97 speed WR and intercept a ball.(Not like any devs read these forums OBVIOUSLY) And DO NOT tell me "fatigue" because it was his first target of the drive. Its mathematics!!!! Like 97 is more than 92 right? I'm not crazy right? Because to me, it seems like the same scripting we've been complaining about FOR YEARS. The same **** that magically makes my QB throw inaccurate to wide open WRs, makes my player lose all forward momentum so he can be tackled at the 1-yard-line, or triggers some one-handed 360 int. So I'm done. I'm not gonna keep playing a game that defies the laws of physics and math to cheat me. Now you've cheated me for the last time so I'm done playing 21 and I'm never buying another EA football product. I encourage others who feel cheated by this dumpster fire game to do the same. Its a disgrace to the sport,
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