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Do We Get An Explanation: Level 81 and 86 Platinum Nerfed

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Is there an explanation as to why these level packs got rid of the Platinum player card?

Is the MUT team reneging for these packs as well? It is what it is. I just find it disrespectful to the consumers I don’t know how eliminating Platinum cards for 71/76/81/86 does for EA.

I never got an explanation for 71/76 either. With random Silvers being bought for millions obviously, people are breaking TOS.

I just want an actual explanation. Maybe an explanation as to why it’s difficult.
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  • EA is greedy, plain and simple. I love how they replaced those packs with useless ones. They want 250000 coins or 2200 Madden points for an 86+? Lol. The platinum packs were the only ones I would buy because they’re the only packs that are worth it. Do yourself a favor and just expect EA to try to rip you off the every chance they get.

    They suspended me last week from the Auction House and Trading Block, or at least that’s what they told me. I went to go and play and Ultimate Team was removed from my game entirely. No explanation and I am coming up on that week ending. But I have a feeling that my game won’t be back. And if that’s the case I am done with EA
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    While Easter was quite a generous delivery of giving away a lot by giving away nothing.

    Now players expectation are so low I can inquire about this and only one player responds.

    I believe I'm a reasonable individual. I understand that the majority of people working at EA has their dream job and they’re doing the best job possible. I mean most people working any job strive to do the best job possible.

    My limited knowledge may prevent my understanding. Creative and corporate clash. Most of creative aren't fans of monetization. That's my perception of creating a video game.

    I understand monetization is part of the game. I don't expect a letter from corporate expressing gratitude for understanding.

    I hope those who receive stock in EA are making the most of it. I do appreciate all of you. @EA_Blueberry as well. 😉✌️🏻✌️🏿

    Please, I'm begging you, do not call the packs “Fan Appreciation Packs” unless it's packs given away for free to the consumer. It's like giving Escape Artist the same acronym of EA. I have disbelief that EA would put forth that great of a effort of making fun of consumer. My peers view EA differently.

    I was very discouraged by the way The Mut Team handled naming the packs that had an increased percentage of pulling a GT (player).

    “Fan Appreciation Packs“ (is that fan appreciation of EA? Or EA's appreciation of fans? Call them “Golden Packs” take the Clowney artwork that was received so well and cover the packs in that HQ art Clowney was covered in.

    It's been a great 13 months for EA. I do hope the Orlando Campus is beautiful and hope that jobs are given to those in the Orlando area.
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