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Compensatory picks are still not in Madden... its 2021

So when are we going to get compensatory picks in the draft? I haven't heard any mention about it for Madden 22 so probably not then. Maybe in Madden 23, 24? Is there any type of timetable for compensatory picks? Why are they not already in the game? Is the game engine incapable of handling a proper system for compensatory pick without bricking the rest of the game? Or are the picks not in the game because the devs are too incompetent to the picks exist? Do you not know how the picks work? I don't really understand why they are not in the game. It's how the NFL draft works. Yet another example of the only NFL licensed game failing to properly replicate the NFL.

There are 259 total picks divided into 7 rounds. Each round has 32 picks, Rounds 3,4,5,6 have additional picks called compensatory picks. 9 additional picks in round 3(picks 96-105), 7 in round 4 (picks 138-144), 8 in round 5(picks 177-184), and 11 in round 6( picks217-228). A compensatory pick is awarded to a team based on assets lost(free agency, trade, cut, waiver) in the previous off-seasons. It is a way of COMPENSATING a team for its losses. The value of the pick(higher/lower) is based on the performance of the asset lost. For instance, the Lions just lost Kenny Golladay WR to free agency. They are now eligible for a compensatory pick. If he performs well enough they will get one. Depending on how well he plays the lions will get a higher or lower pick. These picks are delegated by the NFL so they decide what pick goes where. A system tracking the progress of an asset lost and awarding compensatory pick based off the asset's performance is needed.


  • I'm gonna tell you now. You're not going to see this for quite a while. No, I don't have inside information, but I just don't see it happening.

    I rather see holdouts, counter proposals, restricted FAs, etc etc anyway.

    But again, I highly doubt comp picks are coming any time soon.
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