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Big Egg Fantasy Pack and GT Clowney

When I clicked on my big egg fantasy this morning all the card arts are blank. I don’t think even a GT card should be as good as this Clowney talk about cheesey and annoying. A man with one career INT with 81 zone and 1 AP Lurker is not right. Make MUT more realistic it’s getting out of hand. Reggie Wayne is still stuck at 91 while nobody’s have 99 cards that dominate. I don’t like the order of which cards are dropped. Favre had a 93 and got an upgrade before Wayne. Dante Hall had a 92 and got one before Wayne. Why? Also I’ve been here before to say why not have throwback stadiums, coaches, and ALL throwback uniforms for every team in MUT. I get tired of looking at the same things every game. One last thing Lucas Oil Stadium should have an OPEN option in MUT. Please do more
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