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(3) missing Solo battles games: #79752992

Good afternoon @EA_Blueberry and @EA_KRAELO,

I contacted EA help support and they told me to report a bug into the forums. I was trying to finish up my solo battles for the week. After playing the 74 ovr team, it brought me back to the main screen. (3) of the remaining games I had was no longer available to play. (1) is the featured weekly game, its the team with the honors players. Then (2) of the last (4) opponents. It was the 90 ovr team and the 71 ovr team. I have been the #1 solo battles player on PC platform for the last couple of months now and probably longer. Please, go ahead and verify last week's score as I finished with a 340170. My current score this week is 261416 with (3) remaining games to play. Anyway this can get resolved today so that I can finish my last (3) games and get the proper rewards for my ranking. Please advise at your earliest. Thank you so much!


  • Neo_Novalis
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    unfortunately, a lot of players have reported that bug too (see link below). I faced this bug twice two weeks in a row (I was not allowed to play my 13th game in both occassions; I think it was in October or early November). there was an attempt to fix this bug in the December update but obviously it did not solve this issue completely.

    about 3-4 weeks ago it happened to me another time but after my first (!) Solo Battle game. that's one of the reasons why I'm even more convinced that it might be related to the cache (see suggested approaches below) because I played one game on my laptop the week before. I was not able to finish that game because the game crashed (but I think it was an issue of my laptop, not the game itself). I did not play anymore Solo Battle games that week. In the following week I played my first Solo Battle game on my PC (as I usually do) and won the game. after that game, I got the "no event available" (or something like that as it usually shows up when completing the final, i.e. 13th, game). well, very frustrating... I opened the Solo Battle menu on Friday (maybe Saturday; but it was later than the Friday update not allowing me to get the Wedneday opponents when doing the update) the next time and was surprised that I could update opponents and got 4 more games from the Friday update (although there were no opponents visible on the screen before triggering the update; as they normally do...). I remember that I opened Madden on my laptop between playing my Monday game and opening the Solo Battle menu on Friday or Saturday on my PC. since I obviously got different counts of played Solo Battle games on my devices, I guess there is something corrupted happening in the cache and/or the cloud sync....

    anyways, as far as I'm aware of, there are currently 2 approaches/workarounds that seem to work at least for some players.
    1. clearing the cache (as described above, I'm quite convinced now that the issue is cache related): the game saves (user-specific) information there. if something corrupted is stored there, it seems to interfere with the counter of Solo Battle games (or maybe cause the bug directly). how to do that: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/clear-cache-to-fix-problems-with-your-games/
    2. avoid playing too many games in a row in one session: for me (and I've read from other players too) it seems to work to restart the game (i.e. Madden) between Solo Battle games if I want to play more than 2-3 Solo Battle games in a row. I guess this approach might help to avoid that the cache interferes with the counter for played Solo Battle games.

    unfortunately, I guess there will be no make-right in your @JAM017IT case. Although I've seen so many reports about DNFs (I faced 29 DNFs in Madden 20...), broken counters for played Solo Battle games etc. etc., I would be really surprised if you really received one (although I would definitely support it, as I would support it for all other affected players too. no matter that you @JAM017IT are one of the main reasons why I will never be able to rank on the top of the Solo Battles leaderboard ;) in that sense, I can confirm that it is true that @JAM017IT ranked 1st very often this year). but frankly, if you faced this bug the first time only by now, I'd say you were really lucky so far...

    anyways, I hope you will not face this bug again. good luck! see you next time at the top of the leaderboard again, hopefully! :)

    link to the huge thread about not being allowed to play all 13 Solo Battle games: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Solo-Battles-Glitch-Not-allowed-to-play-last-game-3-weeks-issue/m-p/9652269
  • Good evening @Neo_Novalis,

    I truly appreciate your input and always being first to help me out, with issues I encounter in the game. I am also, extremely grateful for always providing sources and backing up my claims. I probably won't receive a make right or resolution to my issue this week. I will definitely take you up on all your advice in the future. I usually only have time to play on Thursday's and Sunday's that's why solo battles work for me to better my team. It's usually the coin source to improve my team, so when I get hit with an issue it really demotivates me from playing the game at all. But, I am definitely hopeful to encounter great and awesome people like you. I'll be back on the grind next week and I'll try to spread out the games more and play less consecutively. I usually play all 9 remaining games on Sundays and I can definitely see what you meant by that. Again, I am really grateful and thankful for all your help and support and congratulations to your top 5 finish this week. Looking forward to next week's leader board! Thank you! 🙏 🙏 🙏
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