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Stadia needs an alternative way to obtain cards from pyramid-style events held pre-launch

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Thank you in advance for reading this long post. Madden has been a lot of fun on Stadia since it launched at the end of January. There are some drawbacks from the low number of players, like finding a match at certain days/times. But by far the largest issue is accumulating cards that were 3rd or 4th tier from events in the fall and winter.

This is in part because of the low player numbers, but also largely because nobody was able to accumulate any of the lower-tier cards when they were in abundance during the events. On other consoles, people still have these cards floating around, or they are selling players from past events that they no longer want, or there are thousands of people opening packs every day vs. a couple hundred on stadia. Combined, it makes it very difficult to build master cards from these events on stadia.


I'll use the super bowl as an example. Say you want to build one of the master cards from one of the super bowl events. Right now, maybe half a dozen SB player cards (past or present) hit the auction house every week from people opening packs, and that might be generous. So you basically have to build one yourself. A single 86-94 card can be made with 2x 85-86, 3x 83-84, and 4x 80-82. Looking at the AH right now, the cheapest 80 card is 5000 coins (that's current price, not buy-it-now which is almost 2x) the cheapest 83 is 15k, and the cheapest 85 is also 15k (by the way, there are only about 10-15 cards up in each level range *total* which is another problem).

So right there that's basically 100k cost to make a single 86-94 super bowl card, either in money spent on AH or money missed selling those cards pulled from packs. Now you need 9 of them to make a hero card. That would be 900k, but hilariously, it's not just any 9, it's also subdivided into level requirements: 1x 93-94, 3x 90-91, and 5x 86-89. So you get lucky and get exactly the 9 you need, spending only 900k. Now you have a 50% chance that the hero you receive even goes into the set for the master you're trying to build! Are all heroes equally likely? Some are 96 and some are 95, but let's suppose they are for a moment. You need 4 specific cards from a group of 8.

If you get lucky and get exactly the 4 hero cards you need on the first 4 attempts, you're looking at "only" 3.6M coins spent on a single master. But of course every time you build a hero, there's at least a 50% chance (up to 87.5% once you're 3/4) that you get one that you don't need. A quick glance at Muthead says that the 95s sell on xbox for 120-150k, and the 96s for 180-200k. So let's use 150k as an average (it's probably lower). Mid-90s cards on Stadia typically go on AH for about 60% more than they do on Xbox or PS4, so that's 250k back, meaning on top of the guaranteed 900k loss building your set, you net lose 650k each time you pull a hero that doesn't go into the set, or that you already own. And remember, this is still assuming that you are pulling 86-94 cards in exactly the right proportion (which you aren't).


What I hope I've conveyed is that it is basically impossible to build one of these cards in sets from elites. So what are your options? You could hope that by dumb luck someone pulls a hero you need (are masters even in packs?) and puts it on AH. This is an extremely rare event--like I said, probably a half dozen of any SB card of either event goes on the AH in a given week. I monitored the AH and trading block all day Easter, and even then there was only 1 master and 3 heroes total that popped up all day. You could use a powerup card, but since stadia wasn't released until late January, even people who bought it right away and knew to start doing daily missions aren't going to get those PUP cards before Madden 22 is released, so for the mid/high 90s we will see a single PUP card (the one from leveling up).

And here :# :# I've used the Super Bowl as an example, but it's a major problem with many events: Most Feared, Ghosts of Madden, Autumn Blast--basically any event that took place before February with a pyramid-style set-building structure (non-pyramid promos like The 50 or Campus Heroes also are tough, but far more manageable).


This likely won't be a problem with Madden 22, assuming that the stadia launch occurs at the same time as every other console. But something really needs to be done for those of us playing 21. The most obvious solution would seem to be linking our AH to one of the bigger ones, but I think you would have probably done this already if it were possible? So please at least fix the problem of obtaining the penultimate cards for these old pyramid events. Maybe add a training pack with the penultimate cards, or change the set rewards to a fantasy pack rather than random chance. This would allow us to reasonably complete these sets, but wouldn't likely affect the economies of the other servers where these cards are already in abundance.

Thank you for reading.
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