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Free Agency Promo not finished

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Since pt 1 of the promo was released, the rest of the cards are suppose to be updated as they sign with teams, but some of the cards can’t be updated because they have cards with their previous team but don’t have a upgrade. Sammy Watkins for example has a 94 Super Bowl card, but he has no power up and he needs an update free agent card. Other cards were put into the Mut Hero’s and the Easter promo, but there are so many cards that still don’t have their updated team chem.

I am hoping that these cards get updated soon because their should have been a pt 2 too the Free Agency promo and because their wasn’t there was a lack of content. The next powerup drop should include higher overall elites with higher cards that didn’t get a upgrade during the Free Agency promo. The other cards should be included in the next promo that drops if they are lower overall elites. @EA_Blueberry


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey, @TheRebel31

    Sammy Watkins won't get an update. H does not have a Power Up and is also not part of the Free Agency program.

    This was the latest update which they've been updating them on Fridays.

  • @EA_Blueberry I seen the latest update on free agent updates, and I know he wasn’t part of the original drop of content, but he was a free agent and he went to another team, so he should get a updated card sometime here soon? That’s why i made the post that EA dropped the ball on the Free agent promo because they gave okay players cards, and the other bigger named cards were not even in the promo and luckily they had a Powerup already to even get their new team chem. So all i was asking for is for the players that don’t have a powerup to get a power up so they can get their new team chem at least since they didn’t get a card during the actual free agent promo. Antonio Brown got a powerup with his 93 overall super bowl card, so Sammy can get one too right?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    These players being updated have existing Power Up items. Sammy Watkins doesn't have an existing Power Up item, thus won't receive one at this part of the season from what I've been able to gather.
  • @EA_Blueberry So he won’t be able to get Ravens chem even though he was a free agent and moved teams with a 94 overall card? Can anyone explain how AB gets a powerup with a 93 overall, but Sammy can’t? If EA is listening to the community, then they will grant a Sammy Watkins powerup. A lot of the community can benefit from his powerup, he can go into many TT, I just don’t understand how you have a Free agent promo and only 5% of the players get cards and most of them are no named players with 88 overall cards that nobody cares to add to their team in April.
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