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Wrongful ban to ppl that play your game right yet theres still alot out there selling eacoins

Everyone that got banned the start of madden 21 most of the ppl should have never been suspended i alot of days played on madden in my experience with random bans and from reading most post from everyone i feel ea is after the ppl that spend alot of time on the market as myself just buying and selling items man it can be 2 days hell i did a week straight in the Ah and turing that time and stacking coins and makeing my team good and i dont buy packs i have 200 days played my teams 98 overall long story short the ea team thats banning ppl that are not selling coins for real money or just knows the market well i can go to maybe 200k to 700k in a hour i did that 2 days straight once and legal for the ppl that got the coin distribution ban im on your side as for the ea team responsible for wrongfull bans you all need to lose your jobs most of all why dont you do your jobs right and stop making madden or nhl and fifa a game kids enjoy to the point of making ppl never play again i hope ea fixs the suspensions and maybe go after ppl that make money off your game but yet they never get banned they are out there i know 9 but ea will never get em but everyone who plays right does Ok Ea sports term of coin distribution and final i have reached out to alot of ppl recently about wrongfull bans and as far as some of the important ppl top up asking to get rid of the bans completely we alll spend 100 bucks for your game to enjoy im sure most of us dont need your ea coins to make a real living off of to make real money Ea yet look where our money goes when we buy games from ea a team that hands out bans yet they dont even know themself what coin distribution is lol team of the year right there more like school drop outs they hire. I hope u get the ppl of your team responsible for bans out inless you can prove other wise and showing what its for along with how many days the suspension is and thats if they can as for now im done madden till this gets fixed i cant access any mode on madden hut team gone and 3mill in coins gone done for
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