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Team Captain Tokens.

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Hey @EA_Blueberry and @KRAELO. i depowered? down my team captain to switch them but when i got to power up the new one with tokens it changed all the ones after i hit 96 overall to series 2 and 3 tokens and now i cannot get my team captain back up to a 99. is their a fix for this or am i just screwed now? thanks in advanced for helping.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4770 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi, @imbowman13

    As there are a limited amount of tokens, if you decided to switch out your Team Captain this can make it difficult for you to upgrade higher on the next one. :\

    You can reach out to our Support team to explain your situation, however I cannot make any guarantees they can grant any tokens to upgrade your new captain further as this is not a bug.
  • imbowman13
    1 posts New member
    So i figured it out. when you go to power up your new Team Captain it allows you to put in an series 4,5,6 collectibles. but when you get to the point of needing series 4 collectibles if you put in all of your 4,5,6 collectibles it will not allow you to put in the series 2,3 collectibles in their spot. So, Basically if you switch Team Captains if you click to add your collectibles you have to start from the bottom and go up that way.
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