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OL and Team Handicapping

I literally don't get Madden's logic. I have a 97 overall team, 99 O, 96 D, my team, no matter play style, should be vastly superior to whoever I play in my league. I don't play wreckless, but it seems like every time I play another user, my team gets handicapped, they set the teams as equals. Had a game where I had 3 CBs of 94, 95, and 97 speed, as well as 90+ accel, dbl cover Amari Cooper, who is a 93 speed, and a 91 accel, yet Cooper plays faster than those players do, and got open all game long no matter who was covering him.

Then on O, tell me how a full OL all of 90+ and Star to SS devs, get outpowered by avg players. An OL that good should be vastly superior to an opposing D rushing, UNLESS they r of similar overall and devs. I've been stuck w/ a 60 overall OL and signed, traded, and drafted this OL which should be unstoppable, and yet the 60 OL seems to play better, which they shouldn't.

I've also got a commish tool which would be nice, I'd like to be able to reset scores for games, so that way if H2Hs need to be redone, and the game captures the score, I can just reset the game, and allow the game to be played fresh again.
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