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UFC 4 Patch 12.0 Discussion

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This is the official post to kick feedback our way on the latest update. Let us know what's on your mind, good luck in the octagon, and thank you for your continued support for UFC 4!

Here were the major updates:
  • Added 2 new fighters, Sodiq Yusuff and Li Jingliang
Community Feedback:
  • Double Leg Bail to Over Under now requires a stamina advantage to execute
  • Clinch entries now spend more stamina and can suffer miss and evasion taxes
  • Refined Collartie grabbing animation to improve consistency and mitigate the impression of a “vacuum” effect
  • Fixed an issue with Adesanya’s mouth geometry


  • @EA_Blueberry

    Any hints on what the devs are working on for the next update?

    I guess you guys will be working on adding fighters to the roster, which is great, but I would like to see the backwards movement slowed down, as you climb up the divisions you get more and more opponents running away not wanting to engage and simply waiting for you to throw a punch first so they can plant and spam their combo. Maybe you can get strike advantage by engaging first?

    The striking stamina to me seems to be spot on after the last update. Definitely enjoying the game more as I get used to the changes in mechanics from UFC 3. Getting easier to smash those cheese balls B)

  • Seriously, when is the punch spamming going to be addressed? I no world is a fighter able to throw 250+ strikes in a round, and miss 70% of them, able to continue fighting with any power. The stamina drain they would suffer would be insane, I don't care what type of shape they're in. Yet, your devs seem to think it's okay to throw 150 jabs in a round and the fighter is fresh as morning dew. I understand block breaking to prevent just shelling up and waiting on a counter, but playing these button mashers isn't even fair at this point. Slipping punches doesn't even effect them. How about punishing them for throwing massive combinations where only one of their punches lands clean? Why punish the fighter who is blocking or slipping the punches?

    Issue #2 What the hell is up with the obvious handicapping of players who are a higher rating vs the lower rating players? It's clearly noticeable when fighting an opponent under a 10 rating when their fighter is moving at lightning speed throwing 5 strike combos and I can barely get off a leg kick or straight. Then they are able to back up out of range with ease and I'm plodding in mud. I mean are y'all really into punishing the good players so much to hand these newbies wins? Having logged enough hours/days playing this game, I know right away when I am destine to lose a fight due to EA Sports handicap. My strikes are delayed from entry, or they don't even fire at all. When I do throw a well timed strike, somehow the game glitches and what looks like should be a clean land just spazzes out and doesn't even land. Every strike they throw seems to have 100% power behind it even though their stamina looks almost drained. My strikes seem to be meaningless doing no damage at all even though my stamina is full. At least make it less obvious if you're going to cheat the tenured players to keep new players happy and playing the game.
  • Abc2009625481- you couldn’t have said it any better. A few friends and I were saying stuff like some matches I feel completely handicapped my punches weren’t throwing i tried different controllers so I know we all don’t have broke **** controllers. Dude what about the lopsided decisions I mean that **** wasn’t a thing when the game was first out. I think they have to keep their hand in it for matchmaking purposes. Either way it’s aids pooo say ea sports devs slurp it!
  • You know you’re getting the Ea weenie when you’re countering home run shots that whiff air with home run shots and not getting a knock or stun but then get knocked out by a 1-2 with your guard up in the first 2 min of the fight. It’s almost comical how obvious it is bunch of sad azzzzz dudes up at EA
  • Still waiting to be able to use our CAFs in offline modes...
  • Magnata405
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    please add fighter ufc and game fans deserve it: francisco trinaldo "Massaranduba", shane burgos, greg hardy, Luis Pena, Hakeem Dawodu "And" roxanne modafferi
  • That sideways obi on that Gi, though... It's true, there are a lot of moves against a gi, but this is purely cosmetic. I've bought a decent amount of cosmetics. But a GI with different color options, as well as the option to add gear to the feet would be cool. A Japanese Gi with Chinese monk pants is kind of weird, tho. Just saying if the price was right I wouldn't mind rocking Gis to the octagon or kumite... Also add paisley bandanas of different colors and other headgear. Since so much of the clothing DLC would not be MMA smart, but it's purely cosmetic to add some depth to a CAF. Also there should be a way to purchase the country board shorts because it seems impossible otherwise. Also country kickboxing pants might be a good idea.
  • I agree with you abc2009625481 I had to come check the forums to see wth was happening with this new update. Some of these games feels like these been a handicap **** man.
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