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Can’t play 13th game in solo battles

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This has happened before but this time I was on course to be in the top 50. How do I log a complaint with EA. Will they rectify the situation?
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  • unfortunately, this bug has been there all year long as reported by a lot of players (see the thread in the bug reports forum: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Solo-Battles-Glitch-Not-allowed-to-play-last-game-3-weeks-issue/m-p/9652269). The dev team tried to fix it in December, but obviously the fix did not solve it for many players.

    by the way, I wrote an info-thread in the AHQ-forum too (incl. known bugs and workarounds). I hope this might be helpful for you too. at least, the suggested workaround for avoiding the bug you faced is listed there too:
    >>>Not allowed to play all 13 Solo Battle games (Solo Battles still not Allowing me to play 13th game - Page 34 - Answer HQ (ea.com)): a lot of players reported that they are not able to play all 13 games. Most often, the 13th game was missing while there was an error message after the 12th game. Sometimes this bug occurred even earlier. The following approaches seem to help avoiding this bug:
    • clearing the cache (as described above, I'm quite convinced now that the issue is cache related): the game saves (user-specific) information there. if something corrupted is stored there, it seems to interfere with the counter of Solo Battle games (or maybe cause the bug directly). how to do that: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/clear-cache-to-fix-problems-with-your-games/
    • avoid playing too many games in a row in one session: for me (and I've read from other players too) it seems to work to restart the game (i.e. Madden) between Solo Battle games if I want to play more than 2-3 Solo Battle games in a row. I guess this approach might help to avoid that the cache interferes with the counter for played Solo Battle games.
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