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I got banned from auction block!! Y and how can they when u spend as much money as some1 like me do?

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I have apparently been banned from Madden 21 auction block.... Not sure Y or how this can be done... I have always had close to the amount of items in my binder and I don’t cheat and don’t bot.. I play all winter and the only reason I can think of is I’ve been busy with work so maybe the system thinks I’m hoarding cards but I was saving them for about a month from now anyways when the market isn’t so saturated and there worth the amount the rare cards should be. This makes the future of my cards worthless because after years when ppl want GT cards they never had on the years they spent months on this game I won’t be able to offer these cards to ppl who would want them and can’t/ don’t have time to get them themselves from the game or don’t have the MILLIONS of coins ppl ask for them later on. Please anyone else who can help or relate let me know
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  • Does anyone else spend a grand + a year to have fun on this game?? It’s the only game I play and this is the only mode I play... I feel ripped off and disrespected as a consumer and long time madden supporter. This is what you give to ppl who spend ALL there game hrs with you.... Take what they’ve spent months each year earning and buying...
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    You will have to contact the EA Help Center so they can take a look at your account. Here's the link. Thanks and have a good day. https://help.ea.com/en/
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