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Deflategate and copies of the scandal

We know that the New England Patriots deflated footballs once, and this is the list of other teams that did so (college and NFL):

Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

If you are asking how I know, that was confirmed by millions of people.


  • Added are Penn State and Notre Dame after what happened this season. Why did the Badgers lose those two games? The two teams they faced deflated footballs (Penn State and Notre Dame).
  • Other teams that deflated footballs along with the listed are Michigan Wolverines and Minnesota Gophers. The Badgers went 8-4 because Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Minnesota deflated footballs against Wisconsin.
  • I'm going to add San Francisco on that list. They definitely deflated footballs against the Packers last night.
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