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Fix Face of Franchise

Please explain why face of franchise players are getting drafted by the Jets and Jaguars at QB. You look for realism, neither of those teams are so terrible, they’d select 2 QBs back to back in the draft.
2 options, you can replace the drafted player. You can sim the 21 season and enter the 22 draft.
I’m expecting this game to be disappointing. You guys were so clueless last season, there’s no way you correct all the problems.
The only solution is to bring back NFL 2K.


  • That sux. As a Broncos fan I want to play for the Broncos.
    Also not crazy about the fact that I cannot choose the college of my choice at setup.
    Also not happy that I do not get a choice on what Race I am at setup
  • The-Sporty-Hero
    835 posts Member
    edited August 2021
    I think face of the franchise should have a superstar mvp driven scout system.
    Madden fan since 93.
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