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New Madden 21 League Created for PS4 - Seeking Members

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League Details:
- We have a reddit group called PlaystationNFL.
- Difficulty: All Pro.
- Quarter length: 10 or 11 minute quarters with accel clock on (testing).
- Advancing twice a week.
- Roster version: 2020 Season (final official updated roster). Draft Classes: (TheMonkeyMan23).
- Coach/Owner league. No relocating. To keep things fair/balanced, trading will be limited for members in first season. Must post proposed trade on reddit for the commissioner. + All members will be notified in advance of events, such as the opening free agency, annual offseason free agency, start of season, etc. We will start in preseason week 1, with injuries off. Will sim each preseason week after 24 hours. Playing is optional during the preseason. More info in the "League Settings (screenshots)" reddit thread.
- We will begin season when we have at least 25 members.
- If you're interested in joining, or recruiting new members, either ask me or members for the league name & password, or locate it through the "League Settings (screenshots)" reddit thread.
- Your input for the league setup is always welcome.
- Our reddit is our league headquarters.
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