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Mock Draft Failure

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edited October 2021
Has anyone else tried franchise mode since they added mock drafts? They're absolutely and completely useless... I have picks 2, 4, 5, and 8 in the draft and the mock drafts have me taking Nick Silas, Strong Safety with the 2nd overall pick. Then for pick 4, they have me taking Marcus Cloud, Strong Safety projected 2nd or 3rd round. Then for pick 5, they have me taking Larry Hargrove, Strong Safety projected day 3. Then for pick 8, you guessed it, projected day 3 pick Jarius Fowler, Strong Safety. I mean it's not like our only quarterback is Davis Mills and our right tackle retired leaving that position completely empty or anything. We definitely need 4 strong safeties... In reality, I'm just curious if they thought this was at an acceptable point to release, cause it obviously isn't. [Removed - CM]To think, I was actually excited that you would be trying to fix franchise mode. What a fool I was....
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