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Simulation Football

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Can we please bring back what madden was created for... simulation football? I understand if some want more of an arcade style or whatever you want to call the yard is. In reality they had it a few years back but just kept removing features. I believe there is still a community of players that want the simulation style of play and presentation. I mean why get rid of the huddle break and hurry up offense? The new hurry up offense is just pathetic. Anyways please at the very least make it an option for players to have a true simulation football experience.


  • I wish they released two separate versions for arcade and MUT guys and true simulation for hardcore sim guys along with old school rosters! Also please change announcers ( or add others) and put a better TV style presentation in the game!
    We need advance gameplay with real life strategy and high tech things such multi players abilities with headsets, real voice recognition for play-calling, audibles, etc....
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