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Drafting and Scouting, come on EA!

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There needs to be a way to focus in on individual players, more than the individual workouts.
While I like what you guys did for scouting, it feels too generic.
Each week when scouting is available, I should have the ability to pick players that I want to focus on, so I gain a little extra each week on those players and I should be able to change it from week to week.

1. Can we PLEASE get a list down the left or right side of the page that shows the last 5 or 10 draft picks?
Would be nice to see who went where. Especially when an online franchise is not full and commissioners skip to the next human's pick.
2. You removed the ability to see our own picks. There is no way to go back and see who we picked ourselves.
3. You removed the players OVR rating until the draft recap, why? Having the OVR rating allows us to know if we picked a bum and then need to draft that same position again later.
4. You can't add players to your Favorites list once the draft started. Just dumb. If during the draft, I see QBs are flying off the board, I should be able to go in and add one to my favorites list. I like to do this incase my internet cuts out or I lose power at my house, so I can add players to my favorites list and then move them up my draft board.


  • jdnidle
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    I posted this in Madden 21 forums, lol. I feel like I work for EA! lol
    My bad!
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    No worries, I see that you posted it in the Madden NFL forums here. We'll pass along the feedback to the team. Feel free to bump the post once daily to help gather more opinions from the community.
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