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Clarification on my Locked Auction House

I’ve sent out about 3 tickets and finally got an answer back on my locked auction house. I haven’t played madden since 20. I did buy coins once on twenty with no issues. I even had a secondary account. Fast forward to now, I never knew it was against the Terms and Services for EA. Hence, I haven’t played madden in 20 years and decided to come back cause I enjoyed the game. I’m just wanting answers and not an animated email saying they “handled the situation properly”. If I can’t dispute then I’d like to know if it’s a suspension or a ban.


  • Update they said they investigated my issue twice and have came to the same conclusion. Find it crazy how I get an immediate ban and completely disregard me instead of maybe sending a warning and removing the coins and cards I bought the coins with. I’d have no problem with that. I understand EA needs to enforce rules but it shouldn’t be only one area. Completely did not know of the situation and now they just throw the hammer down.. nice
  • Imagine that happening and you didn’t break their TOS is any way. Never getting a real answer as to why. Magically being unbanned a week later losing millions of coins in missed investment opportunities and they still have no response to what happened. That was the last day I give EA a dike of my money I can tell you that…
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