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Offseason Offline Real-Life NFL Roster Franchise With Real Stats

My main issues with Real-Life NFL roster Online Franchise are 1. You can't control multiple teams on your own, and 2. Even if you do choose to play as one team only, you often get kicked from the online server way too often while playing.

After the Super Bowl, my request is that you make the mode available for Offline Franchise where we the players get to decide what to do with as many user controlled teams as we want in the Offseason after the real life results of the Super Bowl. An added bonus being if you include teams with head coach vacancies due to postseason firings, and any coach hiring that happens before the update is posted.

PS Please make controlling multiple User teams in Offline franchise easier. Especially come Draft time, it's ridiculous how you have to right stick click, trigger over to Users, pick a User, Draft a player, then go to the next team and do the same thing. Games like NBA2K make controlling User teams very simple, and even give you the option before their Franchise mode how many teams you want to User control. It's such a pain when I want to make moves accurate to what's happening in real life, and I have to replace a coach or owner, eliminating all previous real life stats and records they hold just to do it.
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