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Anyone else want this? Please like or comment.

EA, please include legends with face scans into franchise title updates. Such as Kam Chancellor, etc… it makes the experience so much better to see face scans and by including those particular legends, you’d be upping your game. Also, please add all the legends and giving them all face scans would be even better. The Show is capable of this so I know you are as well. If you are trying to keep the element of surprise, just release new ones with each title update after they’ve been released in MUT. This is something I’m sure all franchise players would enjoy. You could add a settings tab to allow/disallow legends into the free agent pool just like The Show does. Thanks!!!


  • Honestly, I would love this. One of the things I regularly do is create some all time greats into my Franchise mode. The face scan is not really a deal breaker... I just edit the lowest rated player that somewhat has a passable face for, say, Walter Payton and just turn him into Walter Payton.
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