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Help EA improve Madden and NBA Live so the old-school player will come back and play

Not sure if EA has reached out to any players about help with the game development side of things?
There's lots of people that who would love to help return these games to the top again.
I am one of those people that would love to help with that!!
Take two is listening to the players or the community that it helped build.
This is a great time for EA to get better and more interactive with their community of players.
The last Madden I played was after the Saints won the Super Bowl and longer for Live.
I have been watching the game get worse year after year, and waiting for the game get back to being fun to play.
I'm still waiting!!!
Just lost the great coach that the game is named after and 2K is losing its base!!
Now it's time for me to try to save the games I loved!!!

Let's help EA return to the top!!!
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