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My opinion. Game is rigged

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I play 6 players on All-Pro level 3 offensive and 3 defensive (you know only the QB gets story progressions[FYI]). My QB Deep,Med,Short Acc at 94,93,95 prospectively. I also have all accuracy for his abilities. I am 6-2 team playing against a 2-6 team that has a QB OR at 72. He throws a 92% where I am missing or they are dropping everything I throw. No matter what you do your team loses. when you sim offense or defense the QB on the sim side normally throws around 60% (I play both sides on my main team). I experienced this on both side of the ball, QB throws 80 to over 90% and your team fails at everything (hit sticks, drop passes etc..)

even if I mess with the sliders and turn the CP skill QB Accuracy to 10 the results are the same. I use this slider setup that suppose to give more realism to play. https://www.vg247.com/madden-22-sliders-realistic-game.

start of season all seems well but than it goes off the charts. It is not just a bad game, I can take those losses but if the game says your gonna lose this one no matter how you play or what your rating is than your gonna lose.
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  • Yes. This is a common issue. The game is usually rigged when we lose but we seem to never make threads when we are 12-0 about rigged games.
  • I think if you go on a win streak the cpu makes it harder and harder for you to win, even cheats, which I think makes this game aggravating.
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    I am hoping that soon (maybe next release) that madden makes the games realistic even with the losses. Having a 61 backup QB throwing 100% is not a realistic feature. I understand that playing in all madden mode is suppose to be extra hard but when it is CPU against Human the human team do not play at all madden level. We only control the ball handler the O line should be able to block on all madden level along with the rest of the team the player is not controlling. If you play the game CPU vs CPU and watch it you see a very different team.
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    I totally agree. Ea sports has computer algorithms to follow your madden profile and track your wins,losts and how much money you spend on Ultimate team.

    H2h online most people are either at .500 - .600 win records. Ea sports wants to keep everyone even win lost record.

    Soon as you do good with win the computer algorithms kick in to make you lose. It alters gameplay, slows players speed, makes your team play dumb,have you as away team alot and fills other teams meter bars up super fast.

    Everyone should keep a log of There games. You will see the pattern and **** ea sports is doing.

    We sports should be sued for doing this. It's all about the money with them. Ea sports wants to have everyone on Ultimate team spending. Thousands. They are the most corupte game company out there. I think they have ruined NFL football for us real gamers.
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    Madden NFL does not use dynamic difficulty adjustment in it's games as this was verified through a legal process.

    We will be closing this thread as these topics do not lead to any productive discussions. If you would like to know more about our commitment to fair play please visit the link below:

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