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Difficulty changes midseason? -Madden 21
So I've been doing a Washington Football Team rebuild on Franchise in Madden 21 I hadn't played madden in a while since like 15 and hopped into 21 a few months back, it got to the point where I was dominating on pro and winning by like 30+ points etc.
I decided to make the jump to all-pro with the Washington rebuild and things seem weird. My first 5 games I went 0-5 usually losing by 7-14 points, after my 5th game all of a sudden I went on a 9 game winning streak where most of them I was winning by 14+ points and alot of those teams were better than the teams I lost to at the beginning of the season, I had never changed the difficulty.
I was feeling good going into my next game and then was suddenly blown out by the Seahawks by 14 points, when I played them it was like they were on all madden difficulty, Russell Wilson was throwing bullets that should'nt have been caught and their RB looked like it was being controlled by someone who mastered stick moves. The next game after that it went back to normal, then the week 17 game the Eagles who were 5-10 all of a sudden had Carson Wentz throwing 100% accurate deep bombs and scrambling like Mike Vick. What gives why does it seem like the difficulty changes so much? (Was playing on All-Pro simulation game)
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