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Don’t get it waste of money

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Just got the New Madden 22 it’s telling me my email that I’d have for my ps4 got delete it so I’d can’t play online now I’d try to talk to some one about it and the guy told me to make a new one and have all my games on my ps4 get delete it if I’d do that they don’t care waste of money madden never will I’d get another game so mad thanks for waste and $60


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hi, @WARTOWN508

    Account security is very important to EA and we must make sure accounts remain secured at all times. If an owner does not have the proper means of verifying the account is theirs we will not be making any changes. We understand there are cases where our players used an email address they no longer have access to (school, business, or just really old), therefore we do have procedures to help assist those with that trouble. If one does not have access to the email address, these steps can be a little more thorough. If you are not able to access the email address we advise contacting the email provider for email recovery.

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