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Coins Distribution and wrong action taken

Within the last few weeks when the Theme Diamond program came out madden gave me 30 trophy packs for superbowl rewards they haven’t given me all year. I opened all the packs and sold every card for around 1.5 million because the market was high. Madden took all my coins from my account for coin distribution and I went through ea help and my case was denied. I play a lot of madden and I don’t understand how EA holds off rewarding us for wins and when they give all the make rights at once they take it back. My username is Freakimoshiki. I would like help from someone from EA Madden and stop sending me overseas for help. The EA phone line and chat service are not people of madden and aren’t understanding of the situation. I hope someone finds this post and reaches out to help me or gives me a phone call explaining why taking 1.5mil of my make rights is fair.
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