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Houston Texans Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss the Texans ratings and roster in this thread.


  • Add Wendell Williams to the Texans roster. He was the guy who ran the 4.19 40 and signed with the Texans on 11/8.
  • A lot of the ratings are way off to what they should be. Griffin(te) and Anderson(te) should be switched rating wise on ut, h2h seems fine though. Mancz(c) should have a higher overall after a really solid year on a bottom tier line. Unsure as to why Watt(de) got a 1 ovr downgrade. Clowney(olb) should be moved to defensive end like he is on ut and have a higher ovr. D.J Reader had a stand out year under Wilforks wing and I feel 69 overall is unjustified, mid/high 70's I would see fair. McKinney was top 5 in a lot of stats for linebackers last season so I feel like a rating higher than 82 is more than deserved. Not sure as to why Kareem received a downgrade. Lechler and Novak both had good years so it would have been nice to see them break the 80 mark.
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