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Tennessee Titans Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss all of the Titans roster and ratings in this thread.


  • So best offensive line in football and we don't even have anyone 80+ overall except Lewan...not comparing them to other O-Lines that I know are clearly up there in the 80s and 90s but man can they get boost here?!? Demarco Murray still a 85? Really but you have guys in the 90s who aren't doing his production...and man the defense with such low ratings across the board when they been doing better than all those ranked above them...just a bit more fair rating would be great!
  • Ya the whoever adjusts the ratings is horrible at their job. I'm so sick of ea they make such a **** game. I finally bought a madden game again and its the same crap. Wont be buying another one from them ever!
  • Year after year the rating guy's fail to get this team correct. I see guys on other team who have produced less and receive better ratings. Whenever someone leaves the Titans they 9-10 times receive better ratings.
  • MavrickStorm
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    Any reason for switching Johnathan Cyprien to Free Safety? He's never been a free safety. I also find it funny that if you switch him back to the position he's played all his career, he's an 89 overall. There are so many errors on this roster. I'd be more than happy to be this teams rep for this season.
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  • reubydiggle
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    Just a side note there's already been like 2 roster updates and even though I'm sure they won't make the final 53 it would been nice if they cared enough about the Tennessee Titans to add CB Tye Smith WR Mekale McKay and , LS Andrew Depaola to the team theyre just sitting over their in free agent roster limbo but, they madd sure Cutler made it to the Dolphins...EA hates the Tennessee Titans and they're lazy
  • I don't understand how you drop Cyprien's rating from an 89 at SS down to an 86 after 1 bad game. He was the best tackling safety according to pro footballs focus. These rating are wrong. None of the devs get back to you when you call them out on anything. I can't buy this game next year. Hopefully we can get a 2K game or something made by guy's who wanna cater to all fans. Everytime Tennessee wins your stingy with the rating and when then lose or 1 player in particular has 1 off game you mutilate his ratings making him completely useless. The Titans have a top 3 offensive line and yet we dont have 1 player in 90's and yet Dallas has ratings that should more be closer to tennessee's than anything. Year after year you get these ratings so wrong its pathetic.
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