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Madden 18 wishlist.


  • I enjoy playing madden, but EA needs to bring the franchise mode back with the fantasy draft option included. NBA 2k16 had the fantasy draft option with the my league mode and it's great. Fantasy football is extremely popular all over the country & the draft champions mode doesn't cut it because they give you a base roster so you don't get to draft your entire team. BRING THIS MODE BACK, it used to be in the madden game!
  • Nickel back and slot receiver as a spot on the depth chart, these players usually have a unique skill set, not just the 3rd best CB and WR.

    Sam and Will LBs that switch sides if a play is flipped.


    Coach mode where you can start as a coordinator and work your way up if needed.

    Stop the play clock if you're subbing people in formations.

    Give the defense more time to choose plays if needed
  • Here are a couple ... When a player goes out of bounds to stop the clock, perhaps have the clock stop. Also, cut down on the deliberate interceptions thrown by the quarterback. I understand an errant pass. I don't understand throwing to wide open receivers only to watch the quarterback instead deliberately throw to someone on the defense ... who may or may not even be close to the receiver.
  • I'm pretty sure we all want something different and that something should finally be a story mode. Since there is no more college football let us play out junior year in college at select schools and we decide to either go pro or stay. It would be nice to actually compete at a NFL combine rather than us selecting how we was drafted. Let's finally make it real and amazing.
  • Madden 18 story mode
  • Pro bowl should be played with actual events
  • The-Sporty-Hero
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    caster7767 wrote: »
    Pro bowl should be played with actual events

    That would be nice.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • When we select plays on defense l. Once the offense has selected their play we get information on their l. The problem isnthat it doesnt represent the personnel on the field. For example, if the opponent picks singlebacl jumbo heavy. The game will tell us heavy. The problem is that if they put in the wr wing package they arent in heavy they have 2 wr.

    There are other similar formations ex tight te offset where the hb1 package puts out 4wr but the personnel still says wr 1 te.

    This also needs to account for subbbing tight ends at wide reciever spots or tackles at tight end spots.

    The game should give the information about the personnel on the field rather than the base personnel of the formation they chose.

    Same goes for wildcat. The whole purpose of wildcat is to catch thebopponent off guard. They should see that i have 2rbs and 2wrs not that i am in wildcat.
  • Something to keep me interested in offline franchise mode like going after team records. I don't ever remember Madden having team records to go after unless I missed it in the years I didn't purchase the game. Even so it should be in every Madden title year after year..mind boggling that it's not and it's 2017!
  • Being able to toggle on allow coach mode in franchise mode in one on one games
  • ChrisSteadfast
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    I have only one big wish, please bring Madden back to the PC.
    So far I could understand that you Madden not release on PC, because it is too Costly and time consuming.

    But Madden 18 will be developed on the Frostbite Engine. This engine has already been released in various games on console and PC. The best example is Fifa, BF....
    The basic framework for the PC would have to be ready.

    Please do not post comments, then buy a console. I have only a PC, thats expensive enough. I play classic with mouse and keyboard, but also with XBOX One Controller on the TV. Most for sports games, and all other games with friends.

    Especially EA released otherwise all games on console and PC, but not all their sports games
  • There should be a story mode for online and offline connected careers, players, coach and owner. Also there should be a mode like pro clubs in FIFA I think that'd be awesome. There should also be a option in connected careers online so that users are just in the league so people aren't constantly playing the computer cause that gets boring, or if that's not possible there should be a schedule editing option. also get a draft class feature in there as well. And as for fantasy draft for just users in the league it would be awesome to see just the users drafting all the players so then the franchise league would be dynamic and unique and test the true madden players ability against their friends in an online league. Hopefully EA takes some of this into consideration
  • 1.) Throw back teams like Mike Vick's Eagles or the 2000 Ravens so we can use some of the most dominant teams in NFL history
    2.) Include the Pro Bowl I know its not relevant to a lot of people but it would be something fun and new
    3.) Add a street mode where you can play like a 7v7 with friends 3 linemen 2 receivers a halfback and a quarterback or a mode outside of just a typical 4 quarter game
    4.) More team relocation settings let us pick uniform color or download our own logos
    5.) Bring back game face and add more customization so you can have a better overall experience creating your player so it feels more individualized
  • what I think would be awesome in madden 18 is create a first person view mode option that can be selected in franchise mode and be a pro mode. offer a create a team options were u build the team anyway you want by giving them a name custom uniforms a city were there from then u can build a stadium anyway you want from the turf /grass types color to the stadium setting type to even the parking lot and the concession stands so you can create a unique to your team stadium. The created should be playable in franchise and your team will be talked about as thaw there a real team but you get to chose the story of the team from an unknown first year just created team to a possible super bowl team all based on how there session has been play by play day by day .created players and all players should have a dynamic story line created from year to year game to game created players should be like real players. customizations should be more in depth so you can give players unique tattoos and the heads should not be reliant on the hair types selected it should all be fully customizable like you the player can select there eye type color build the face anyway you want keep bringing in real life gear that real NFL players ware also allow customizable shoelace colors and full customizable glove colors like NHL 17 has also bring in multiple neck pads so your not stuck using the 70s style. bring back create a play and more customizable play book so your not stuck using all the plays that every author real life team has and created play books should be used in the franchise mode dynamic commentators that never repeat them self and are accurate with what's happened in previous games and what's going on the field pre game show should be dynamic too like based on what actually happened last game. a realistic half time show that you would see on the TV and player interviews MVP interview after the game so basically a realistic post game show too that would be great. Dynamic session story line for all teams in franchise that change game to game week to week with off field things that effect the team on the field so major injuries or maybe a player got arrested so it effects the team or there was a trade or free agent pic up that will effect team play / confidence .also every player should have a unique personality that plays out on the field or on the side line and couch also have unique personality. Real life sideline reports would be cool the prediction of who will win or lose to make it more fun realistic sidelines so the players don't look like blobs in clouding the TV and news crews on the sideline and the will react to wafts going on. dynamic fans so the react to big hits scores and thell boo you if your away team and also like random events will happen with in the crowed. unique celebrations for every player and coach and players will interact with each author after a play especial if those two players hate each author or are rivals or if the like each author. Team should gain a reputation the effects on the field stuff so if you team gets a reputation for being big hitters it might shack the author team so the don't play as well or if your team is a clutch team then you'll get bonuses stuff that will help your team on clutch moments if your a dirty team then your team will get an intimidation factor that effects the team your going against and each reputation your team get can change and its talked about threw out the session.
    be a pro mode you should be able to do the college all star game or under armor and bring in mini games like the 40 yard dash bench press squat brad jump any author work out positional players go threw before the draft and during the session also get it so your player in be a pro mode can buy different houses and you should be able to customize it any way you want based on how match money you get you should be able to sponsor ships that will give ran dame unique gloves shoes from that sponsor but you also have to do things for them either on the filed or off the field or both you can do press conferences that happen threw out the session and you will be able to go to party's with your team you can interact with your team mates in the locker Room that will give you a reputations with them that can give bonuses to you on the field and them and you can answer questions how ever you chose witch will effect how couches and team mates and fans feel about your pro witch will help or hurt your pros career and you can build you own story threw your pros career witch is will he be the next big thing or the next shoulda coulda woulda player. also make the pro bowl playable and bring in different commentating teams for different games and based on the game being played you get different reaction on the field and on the sidelines and audience .
  • Ok, so my biggest problem is the relocation. I live in Alabama where we have never had a professional sports team. I'd love to move a team to Alabama, preferably Mobile. And there needs to be more teams, colors, and jerseys to pick from. We should also have better player creation options, let us pick the faces, and then the hair... Bring back tattoos.. And the biggest thing about player creation is the weight... If you make a linebacker that weighs 250 he looks like a fat lineman, even if you adjust the size, i have to make my defensive ends 240 just to look remotely close... And we should also beable to use legends in Franchise.. I'd love to beable to use Ray Lewis again...
  • 1.Add draft combine back like madden 09. 2.add create your own team back like madden 12. 3.Add a teambuilder to madden 18 4. Start your career in college
  • 1.Add draft combine back like madden 09. 2.add create your own team back like madden 12. 3.Add a teambuilder to madden 18 4. Start your career in college 5.cut screen and endorsement from Nike and under amour
  • JManuell24
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    MADDEN!!! we need this game a little sped up and the jukes are not as elusive and critical! And you guys should also make a reckless mode or something. We would draft players like draft champions but the betters would really really really dominate. Like vick 99 speed BETTER and the speed of the gameplay is just faster more like college speed fast. The hits bigger, you break ankles nastier, odell one handed catches and playbook full of trick plays and options. Just something to play when you want to have fun and ease on competitiveness.. I just thought of this but man it seems like a fun time
  • How about continuing to fix the online CFM. Make it deeper and give it more in game presentation. Add more players to the college draft not enough as you run out of players at a position by 3 or 4th round.
  • Gonna repost this from my madden ideas:

    •Ability to edit Rookies (Overall, name, ect.) before you draft them, and the ability to upload/download a draft board.

    •A story mode.

    •The ability to have your own 'crib' designed with all your favorite team items, some in which are unlockable by doing certain challenges (like winning a game by 35+ points)

    •The ability to watch instead of playing your and all teams offline franchise games. (Feel like a general manager).

    •3v3 online.

    •Sliders that slide faster (or the ability to input a number)

    •A weekly show based around your franchise. (Like sportscenter) It will go over notable injuries, future draft prospects, playoff picture and highlights.

    •In depth stats in franchise. Ability to view league history such as past Superbowls and past MVPs.


    I hope EA looks at these and considers them
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