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Gridiron Legends: Looking for Solid, Long-term Members [PS4]

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Welcome to The Gridiron Legends Madden Football League

Bears, Seahawks, Chargers, Patriots, Dolphins, Texans, Redskins available.

• PS4
• 32 Man League
• Simple rules that don’t tell you how to coach your team
• Good sportsmanship
• Longevity

• We have a core group of long-term members who have played together for multiple Madden releases because we have FUN
• We have friendly, post-game discussions with our opponents where we talk strategy and key moments in the game
• We frequently talk some friendly trash before our games
• We play Madden ALL YEAR LONG
• New members are welcomed and will quickly feel comfortable in the league

Most leagues force page after page of arbitrary rules on their members that attempt to encourage sim-style play but end up having the opposite effect. This league won’t tell you how to coach your team, that’s your job. The rules are intended to encourage a community of strategic football and good sportsmanship.

Check out our rules at the bottom of this post.

• League will continue until Madden 18 is released - we are looking for members who are committed to playing long term
• Advance every 3 times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays around 9 am ET
• All Madden Difficulty
• DaddyLeague site: http://daddyleagues.com/gridirongreat17
• Communication is conducted via GroupMe
• Coach or Owner only


• 49ers - TAKEN
• Bears
• Bengals - TAKEN
• Bills - TAKEN
• Broncos - TAKEN
• Browns - TAKEN
• Buccaneers - TAKEN
• Cardinals - TAKEN
• Chargers
• Chiefs - TAKEN
• Colts - TAKEN
• Cowboys - TAKEN
• Dolphins - TAKEN
• Eagles - TAKEN
• Falcons - TAKEN
• Giants
• Jaguars - TAKEN
• Jets - TAKEN
• Lions - TAKEN
• Packers - TAKEN
• Panthers - TAKEN
• Patriots - TAKEN
• Raiders - TAKEN
• Rams - TAKEN
• Ravens - TAKEN
• Redskins
• Saints - TAKEN
• Seahawks
• Steelers - TAKEN
• Texans
• Titans - TAKEN
• Vikings

contact me through PlayStation Messenger, my PSN is DynastyPlanner.



ONSIDE KICKS/SQUIB KICKS/FAKE PUNTS - You are allowed to attempt onside kicks, squib kicks or fake punts as often as you like, as long as you do not have a 21 point or greater lead over your opponent. Real NFL teams occasionally try to surprise their opponents with an onside kick or fake punt, so it is allowed in this league. Attempting one of these types of kicks with a significant lead is considered poor sportsmanship.

NO HUDDLE OFFENSE - You are allowed to run a no huddle offense.
4th DOWN - You are allowed to go for it on 4th down at anytime in a game, including the 1st quarter. Real NFL coaches occasionally go for it on 4th down, so it is allowed in this league. However, if you are winning by 21 points or more you must punt or kick a field goal. Going for it on 4th down with a significant lead is considered poor sportsmanship.

BLOWOUT RULE - If you are winning by 21 points or more against another user do not continue to pass on every down or try to win by as big a margin as possible. Intentionally running up the score is considered poor sportsmanship.

STREAMING GAMES - You are not required to stream your game but may do so if you like.

RESTARTING GAMES - You are not allowed to restart a CPU game. Restarting a CPU game for any reason, including because you are losing or because a key player is injured, is considered cheating.

QUITTING GAMES - Quitting any type of game (user-vs-user or user-vs-CPU) is not allowed.

DISCONNECTIONS - Occasionally, for reasons out of your control you may be inadvertently disconnected from your game because of a loss of internet connection or an error with the PlayStation network. This should only occur very infrequently and will not be accepted as an excuse for quitting games if it happens frequently.

DEFAULT WINNER - If a disconnection occurs during a user-vs-user game where one of the users has a significant lead they may be declared the winner of the game by default. If you are winning by 21 points or more during the first half, 14 points or more during the 3rd quarter or 10 points or more during the 4th quarter you are considered the default winner. Default winners have their choice of 1) replaying the game with their opponent set on auto 2) requesting that the commissioner simulate the game using the Sim-a-Win feature to force the default winner’s victory or 3) replaying their user opponent. If you replay your opponent, there is no guarantee you will win the replayed game.

REPORTING RULE BREAKING - If your opponent is breaking the rules you should record their infraction via the video capture/share feature of your PlayStation 4. Then you have two options:

CONTINUE THE GAME - You may continue the game. It is recommended that you text your opponent and request that they stop breaking the rules (please be respectful). After the game you may submit the video showing your opponent breaking the rules to the commissioner. The commissioner will then decide if penalizing your opponent is appropriate.

EXIT THE GAME - You may quit the game, but you risk being penalized. If you quit the game then it is mandatory that you submit the video showing your opponent breaking the rules. The commissioner will review the video and rule either for or against you.

OPPONENT FOUND GUILTY - If the commissioner rules in your favor you will have the option to replay the game with your opponent on auto or the commissioner will use the Sim-a-Win feature to ensure you win the game via simulation when the league advances. The commissioner will also decide the penalty for your opponent.

OPPONENT FOUND NOT GUILTY - If the commissioner is unable to establish beyond reasonable doubt that your opponent broke the rules then you will be subject to a penalty for quitting the game.

REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY - Commissioners are not necessarily watching your game, so it is your responsibility to report it if another member of the league is violating the rules.

GLITCH PLAYS - EA Sports does well at continuously releasing patches to Madden that eliminate glitches in the game that when taken advantage of can give one player an unfair advantage. However, the commissioners may ban specific formation-play or even formation-play-hot route combinations if necessary.

GLITCH PLAY REPORTING - If your opponent is taking advantage of a glitch play that is giving them an unfair advantage, you should record the play via the video capture/share feature of your PlayStation 4 and share it with commissioners. Commissioners will decide if the play needs to be banned from the league.

BANNED PLAYS - A list of banned glitch plays will be documented in this section of the rules. An announcement will be made via the GroupMe app every time a banned play is added to this list.

BANNED PLAY LIST - Gun Split Close HB Wheel

REPORTING RESPONSIBILITY - Commissioners are not necessarily watching your game, so it is your responsibility to report it if another member of the league is using a glitch play.

PENALTIES FOR BREAKING THE INTRA-GAME RULES - Penalties for breaking any of the rules outlined above may include 1) being placed on auto for one or more weeks, 2) using Sim-a-Win to ensure your team loses a game or multiple games, 3) barring you from participating in signing free agents or the draft, 4) loss of draft picks or 5) removal from the league. Penalties will be decided by the commissioner on a case-by-case basis.


TRADE COMMITTEE PHILOSOPHY - The trade committee exists to ensure that user-to-CPU trades are reasonable. One of the primary objectives of the trade committee is the oversee trades that occur in the last few seasons before the next version of Madden is released where the CPU’s decisions don’t account for the limited remaining time.

TRADE COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Commissions will appoint 5 members of the trade committee.

CPU TRADES - User-to-CPU trades must be approved by a majority vote of the trade committee.

TRADE PROPOSALS - In order to be approved trades must be proposed in the Trade Committee section of the GroupMe application. Trade proposals must include basic information about the players, including player name, position, age and overall rating.

TRADE APPROVAL - A trade is approved only when at least 3 out of 5 of the trade committee approve.

DEFAULT APPROVAL - If a trade committee member does not respond to a trade proposal within 12 hours that committee member’s vote on the trade is defaulted to an approval.

TRADE COMMITTEE EXCEPTIONS - The following user-to-CPU trades do not need trade committee approval.

CPU PROPOSED TRADES - If the CPU proposes a trade to you then you may accept without trade committee approval.

DRAFT PICK TRADES - Trading draft picks for draft picks (i.e. no players) does not need trade committee approval.

LAST SEASON EXCEPTION - If the commissioner has announced that the league is in it’s final season then users may not trade away their draft picks for the next season without trade committee approval. (For example: If the league is in season 2021 and it is the league’s final season then users may not trade 2022 draft picks without trade committee approval)

TRADE COMMITTEE MEMBER VOTING - Trade committee members cannot vote to approve their own trade. If a trade committee member has proposed a trade, they must get approval from 3 of the other 4 committee members.

USER-TO-USER TRADES - You are free to make user-to-user trades at will, no approval is required.

PENALTIES FOR BREAKING TRADING RULES - Penalties for breaking any of the rules outlined above may include 1) barring you from participating in signing free agents or the draft, 2) loss of draft picks, 3) being forced to release players from your roster or 4) removal from the league. Penalties will be decided by the commissioner on a case-by-case basis.


PERSONAL CONDUCT - It is mandatory that you treat other users within the league with respect. Some good natured trash talking is allowed, but derogatory or offensive communications are unacceptable.

ADVANCE SCHEDULE - The league advances on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays around 9 am ET.

SCHEDULING GAMES - Each user is responsible for scheduling their game within the given time before the league’s advance. The league approved form of communication for scheduling games is the GroupMe app. When attempting to schedule a game with your opponent you must address them using the @ symbol and their GroupMe profile name. Some of our members don’t routinely follow the GroupMe chat and addressing them with the @ symbol will send them a notification.

OPPONENT NON-RESPONSE - If you have not heard back from your opponent after attempting to schedule for 24 hours, you may contact the commissioners and request your opponent be placed on auto so that you may play your game. Requests must be made to the commissioners at least one hour before the league’s scheduled advance time. There is no guarantee the commissioner will be available to place your opponent on auto if you wait to the last minute to make your request.

USER PARTICIPATION - Active participation in the league is mandatory. You are expected to play 3 games per week as a member of this league. Occasional absences are understandable, but frequent absences may lead to being removed from the league.

ABSENCES - If you know in advance that you will be unavailable to play a game, please put your team on auto and inform your opponent.

EXTENDED ABSENCES - If you will have an extended absence such as a vacation, please place your team on auto for the appropriate amount of time and inform the commissioner of your absence. Failure to inform the commissioner may result in you being removed from the league.

CORE HOURS REQUIREMENT - All members of the league are expected to have some availability during core hours. Core hours are defined as
Being available between 5 pm to 10 pm ET Monday or Tuesday and
Being available between 5 pm to 10 pm ET Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and
Being available at some time on Saturday or Sunday.
It’s not expected that members always play their games during these hours, but someone that is never available during these core hours will cause difficulties scheduling games and is not a good fit for this league.

ALL YEAR LEAGUE - This league will continue to play throughout the entire year, only stopping when the next edition of Madden is released. The league prefers that members are committed to playing all year long.


COACH OR OWNER - You can choose between being a coach or an owner of a team. Once you choose, you can’t change without commissioner approval.

SWITCHING TEAMS - You may only switch to a different team with commissioner approval.

TEAM RELOCATION - You may relocation your team without commissioner approval.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL - This league plays at the All-Madden difficulty level.

CPU BLOWOUTS - The commissioners may adjust CPU team artificial intelligence (AI) higher if CPU teams are consistently getting blown out by members of the league.
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