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Really Ordinary Football League (ROFL) is looking for new members!

ROFL is a small, chill, fun Connected Franchise for people who love playing franchise with others but cant schedule games with other multiple times a week. We cap the league at ten people and play sim style. We just finished our first season and it went great. There are lots of teams available that are in good shape. Rules are below, Let me know if you are interested!

League Rules: Have Fun! (We have busy lives and this is a fun video game.) Be nice. Remember: everyone else is trying to have fun as well. This is a sim league. So, try to stick to playing the game like people play in real life. its a video game, so it wont be perfect, but lets keep it close. No Team Switching. (Stick with your team) Advance every 3 unless everyone is done before then. (3 days resets every time we advance.
Trades: Human trades are Okay. Please don’t trade your star players or all your draft picks though. Can only trade for computer players on the trade block. You may accept trades the computer offers for players you put on the trade block. Drafting: You cannot have more than two picks in any round.
Gameplay: Don’t cheese. Don't keep calling the same 2 plays over and over again. Don’t nanoblitz. Its not part of football. Custom playbook are allowed 4th down:
-Be a gentleman. 
-You can go for it when you are down 14+ in the third quarter, or if you are down at all in the fourth quarter. 
-you can go for it when you are one your side of the field and have 4th and 1 or 4th and inches.
Player Editing: Don't edit players. You can only do position changes between the same position groups (db's, lb's, etc.) except in the offseason.
Playing Games: we will be pretty chill about everyone playing their games. just make sure and communicate when you cant make it. if we dont hear from you for three virtual weeks, we will assume you are retiring from league.
Repurcussions for not following rules: breaking gameplay rules: 1 game suspension for each rules. continued breaking of rules can result in being booted. breaking trade rules: must release player you traded for and will lose whatever you gave up to get the player.
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