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Spectator Woes

Guessing I'm in the less than 1 percent group. Spent a week getting sliders to present the game I want to see; high defensive sliders, low offensive sliders and interceptions.

Only thing I can't account for is horrible clock management. Twice I've seen situations where the logical thing to do was kneel down multiple times to win the game because the opponent didn't have enough time outs remaining.

My suggestion is to account for this, somehow.


  • Yeah... I've seen the coach (Franchise Mode ... I'm a player only) opt to punt at the end of regulation after I've run the clock down to 15 seconds (or something like that)... As opposed to just letting the clock run itself off to end the game.
  • Quid2Facis
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    I haven't seen that yet; Crazy. It's been some time and the clock management has been solid lately. Congrats to EA! Can't say it's fixed or just rare. One is good, the other is good enough.

    (Added) I suspect time management isn't accounted for in the simulations presented. I'm thinking it's painted on afterwards to give the impression of managing the clock.

    I came back though to post another peculiarity. I've seen three or four times a team attempt a field goal from the 42, so kicking from the 49 in the rain early in the game while not losing by any substantial margin. Those kicks have always missed.

    I know some coaches are more aggressive than others, but this seems off to me.

    (Added) I'm no longer concerned about this field goal attempt. It is simply the most glaring tell of a predetermined outcome to the game.
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