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2017 NFL Draft Prospects

Hey all,

I've always had this weird obsession with adding next year's rookies to my Madden games, so I thought I'd go public this year.

YouTube Playlist

Right now there are about 21 videos I've done for player creations. My plan is to add at least one player every day until I hit every player in my 2 round mock draft (which you can see here).

I hope this can be of use to some of you here. And if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm all ears.



  • Interesting that you're posting all of your work for others, nice. I started creating rosters about 2 years ago and really enjoy it. Following FA, and the combine, etc.. it's fun. I believe I had one of the best rosters last year. I recommended hardly (if it all) editing current players stats. It drove me insane seeing so many rosters with nearly everyone 90+ speed and other jacked up stats. No rhyme or reason for some it felt like.

    Anyways, I'm guessing a lot of effort will go into yours as well judging from this. No matter will, ratings will be a bit subjective but I fet I did a solid job (most players landed within an ovr point or two of how I made them) yours looks good so far too, one thing I would suggest though, instead of using college numbers- I liked to project their pro number based from college.

    I REALLY wish there was an option to make your work not re-uploadable. Multiple people stole my work last year and claimed it as their own. I called some people out and kept getting "trolled" by a BigSherm username or something like that. It was just so annoying ... hours upon hours of work just hijacked
  • Also, what roster update is yours based off of? I've been waiting to get started until they release one with no inured players. Otherwise you may end up with guys you can't cut to put on new teams
  • As of last night, the final updated roster was out. Time to get to work for me!
  • Hey man just to let you know, you'll stop being able to make any more new players after about 40... so well... that's a buzzkill
  • great
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