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Coach XP and more

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Just locked up a first round bye in the playoffs. Would have been great to have gotten the rewards for 3 Make The Playoffs and 4 Reach Divisional Round now. That extra 1750 XP would allow me to grab some more training buffs.

It's amusing to see an injured player on the sideline swinging his arms with helmet on and then discover he's out for several weeks with a broken collarbone. Take the time to synch duration of injuries with your cut scenes. You have plenty of them.

Stop being "mean" to Charles and Brandon. Use the mode or median to sync their talking points to the game; particularly in the run game. And reset the talking points when a new player comes in. "The backup is doing great. Look at all the things the starter has done. Uh, what?"

I would like to have a second draft watchlist, a draft board, where I can order the prospects to my personal rankings prior to the draft. Or at least a watchlist that reorders itself based on new scouting information and team needs.

(Withdrawn) I prefer to keep control of calling timeouts myself even when spectating a game rather than watch the single-minded painted on version.

Allow the option for each team to set it's own sliders. Common shared sliders moves all teams toward carbon copies of each other. That's not in synch with the rest of your game: playbooks, position scheme, player ratings, player tendencies, etc.

The information bar at the top of the screen has up and down triangles instead of left and right triangles. Why; historically accurate? Left and right would convey the wanted information more easily.

Your timeout system isn't perfectly synched with your gameplay, spectating slow. Twice I've seen the program conveniently forget to acknowledge a timeout use, allowing the team to use a needed fourth timeout.
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