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Tells and Spoilers

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When simming a full game at slow speed, I know of one high probability tell that guarantees a team loss. A field goal attempt from the 49 original line of scrimmage at the 42. This 59 yard attempt will 1) always miss and 2) guarantee losing the game.

6 for 7. I had changed the sliders, but I had still expected the team to lose. They didn't.

I still believe the games are predetermined with the animation simply trying to get players to the correct spots at the end of the play.

I've only watched 2 seasons worth of games and have been witness to too many upsets, close games and last second wins. My hunch, when spectating, the game uses the sliders as parameters, runs multiple simulations during the load time and presents the simulation that had the best highlight rating score.

The use of time outs is painted on after the fact to give the appearance of clock management.

Keeping the same settings over a long period of time will allow you to pick up on keys and tells.
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